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〞〞Training Course for freshmen on oct.2007

      After finishing the military training, training courses with the goal of helping under-graduate students who enter South China Agricultural University in 2007, to comprehend the services provided by the library and then make the best use of the library. Via the training course ,the freshmen get to know the details concerned the library collection﹜E-resource﹜procedure for book borrowing and returning and rules of reading.

      From the October 10 -21, this activity includes training cathedra and library visiting, which is given by the librarian in reference department. In less than two weeks, 8000 new undergraduates take part in the training courses. The librarian holds 33 training courses and guides the freshmen to visiting the library for 300 times. At last, accomplishing the training courses successfully!

      Vivid ※Library Tour§ helps new undergraduates know the library. They are marvel at the abundant resource in our library and approve of the training course. They are willing to visit the temple of knowledge----library during the four years university life.

    Download the training courseware for the freshmen in 2007

The first course for freshmenㄩResource Introduction求求Library Service 求求Book Borrowing and reading rules 求求FAQ. This course gives new undergraduates a key to the door of the library.
Follow meㄐLet*s visit the library!
Do you want to read on-line ˋlisten reports of the celebrityˋlearn foreign languageˋwrite academic paper ˋknow the current situation about the foreign scientific researchˋ## The abundant resource you can access through the library.
Orderly Bookshelf ㄩHow to get the book you need well and truly in the library?
Don*t worry! The librarian can teach you to know the rules of the book arrangement .According to the book*s ※call mark§ㄛyou will find the book you need.

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