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      This service is for the readers who need copying or borrowing documents from other libraries or academic institutions [like Tsinghua University Library, Peking University Library, China Agricultural University Library, the National Library, China Academic Social Sciences and Humanities library (CASHL), National Science and Technology Library(NSTL)]. The types of delivering document including journal articles, academic dissertations, conference papers, book sections, standards, patents and so on.


      Mode 1: Submit applications by email (Limit SCAU -mail; Otherwise, this service is unavailable).
      You can download and fill in the "Document Delivery Application", then submit the application via your SCAU email to After we received the documents from other libraries, we will notice you in one working day, and then you can get the documents.

    Mode 2: Submit applications to a librarian.
    You need to come to the information consultation room which is on the third floor of the information building with your campus card, then fill in the ˇ°Document Delivery Applicationˇ± and submit it. After we received the documents which are delivered from other libraries, we will notice you in one working day, and then you can get the documents.


      School readers are free of service charge, and enjoy subsidies, as follows:
     1. Free for each paper within 10 pages (including 10 pages); from the 11, the fee is 0.5 yuan / page. (Example: paper with 15 pages, the transfer fee is 5 page*0.5 Yuan / page =2.5 Yuan).
     2. There are no subsidies for foreign doctor/master's dissertations. The library will order them from PROQUEST company in every June. External users need to pay for 1 Yuan / page for the periodical owned by the library and another 5 Yuan / article for service fee.


      Contact person: Information consultation department, Teacher Lu.
      Phone Number: 020-85285789.
      Service time: Monday to Friday, 8:00ˇ«12:00 a.m., 2:30ˇ«5:30 p.m.
      Address: Information consultation room, the third floor of the information building.

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