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      SCAU Library has always attached importance to students teaching and training, this helps students better use of library resources.

Document Retrieval Course
      The curriculum of document retrieval of the library which is set according to the spirits of certain Ministry of Education documents is a boundary curriculum of information. The curriculum takes Library and Information Science as theories foundation. And it¡¯s about scientific approaches at means of computer and network. The purpose of the curriculum of document retrieval is to impart the knowledge of information retrieval, foster and enhance students¡¯ information awareness so that the students can master the skills of literature retrieval and multiple utilization of information, improving the capabilities of teaching themselves and independent research. Students can make comprehensive understanding of library¡¯s information resources and service styles though study of curriculum. They learn to gain the needed knowledge from various information sources by all retrieval means. All of these can improve the abilities of access, disposal and utilization of information of students. It lays a solid foundation for their practice, papers writing and science research of future.

Curriculum of Document Retrieval in South China Agricultural University

3204401 3204301


optional curriculum for school

optional curriculum for selective majors


Information Retrieval








Ou Qun ,Deng Zhixin, Liu Lian, Zhang Jin

Tel : 020-85281054
Address: Literature Retrieval Teaching and research Office on the Second Floor of Library Information Building

Special Lecture and Training
      Library holds various styles lecture and training according to different layers readers for the whole year. The lecture content includes utilization of information resources in all fields and the retrieval skills of database. Lecture trainings are held periodically orientating to the new teachers and graduates. The schedule of lectures is publicized in the column of ¡°Latest News¡± on the library¡¯s homepage and put up on the doorway and graduate dormitory.
      The schedule of lectures in the first half of 2007
      The schedule of lectures in the latter half of 2007
      In addition, the library also accepts pre-appointment lecture trainings of various departments. The library can arrange the content, time and place according to the patrons. Welcome the contact of teachers and graduates.

Tel: 020-85285789
Address: The department of information reference on the Third Floor of Library Information Building

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